refresh directors conference 2021

Make the Magic Happen

One of the greatest influences that we have on student’s in today’s classrooms is the way that we make them FEEL about education. This is something that will forever shape their future as a learner. It’s time to stretch yourself, push the limits, and step outside of your comfort zone as you work to take your ordinary content and make it extraordinary for your students.

Starting a Weekday Program in Your Church

Weekday Education programs are being established in increasing numbers as the need for child care escalates. Such programs provide an opportunity for the local church to minister to young children and their families and to provide outreach to families whose children are enrolled.

For a more detailed guide on starting a Weekday Program, download the handy guide provided by Mr. Mark’s Classroom.

The Oklahoma Church Weekday Conference is provided in part by Oklahoma Baptists and Church Weekday Oklahoma.